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A very important aspect of your dog's health is often overlooked.

But we have you covered...

Start with these 3 important questions.

1.  Is my dog's bed made of materials that could cause disease or exacerbate allergies?  

2.  Is my dog's current sleeping situation causing skeletal issues such as arthritis and hip problems?

3.  Does my dog's bed make both of our lives better?

The Sydney Sleep Mattress

The best dog bed on the planet.

For you, your dog and the environment.


Recommended by Vets

The orthopedic quality of this bed is not the only reason I give it my stamp of approval. The materials used don’t expose the pet to toxins that could be inhaled or absorbed into their skin. In fact, the material is 100% natural hemp and animals are drawn to the natural fiber.

Dr. Nicole Leveque, DVM

Just wanted to let you know I used the bed you left here for use in clinic with an anesthesia recovery patient yesterday. She was a large breed dog and we recovered on the bed after a dental procedure. It kept her off the cold floor and she did not stumble and fall when she tried to stand. And just FYI the cats still love the bed. 

Dr. Kelly Sovey, DVM

We have tried many other orthopedic beds in the past that did not work out. Other mattresses proved difficult when my St. Bernard would stand up and try and step off because other beds were too plush or compressible. He would have to work too hard to get up and then stumble when he would try and step down. Our dogs choose this mattress over others!

Dr. Meagan Czarek, DVM

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Don't discount the importance of sleep.

Look, we know you love your dog.

We do too. Which is why we have done the research. The pet wellness industry is missing something HUGE and we are afraid you probably don't even realize it.  Something that has a much bigger impact on overall wellness than people think. Most people don't think about this until there is already a problem with their pet's health or behavior. We are here to change that. It's often the last thing we address in our own health. But, our pet's lifespan is short. We don't have time to overlook something this important to their well-being.

If your dog could talk...

It all starts with prevention

We here at Creative Pet Solutions believe in a holistic approach beginning with prevention. 14-18 hours a day is a long time to sleep on something toxic that isn't supportive of their skeletal system. It is as bad as us sitting at a computer screen.

The Sydney Sleep Mattress is created for the young and the aging animal. Puppies will have a great start with a mattress that supports their growth and aging and older dogs will get relief from pain because it is a truly orthopedic mattress unlike most beds out there.

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